Plan of Service, Section 1-3

Northern New York Library Network
Plan of Service 2011-2016, Section 1-3


July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2016

A. Name of System: Northern New York Library Network
B. Address: 6721 US HWY 11, Potsdam, NY 13676
C. Phone Number: (315) 265-1119
D. Fax Number: (315) 265-1881
E. E-mail Address:
G. Date of Establishment: 1965
-- Absolute Charter Date: 11/20/70
H. Name(s) of Central Library/Co-Central Libraries:
I. System Service Area:
-- Square Milage: 10,654
-- Population: 542, 869
J. Type of System: Reference and Research Library Resources System
K. Minimum Staffing Requirements: John Hammond serves as Executive Director of the Network. Mr. Hammond holds an MS in Library Science and Public Librarian's Professional Certificate No. 17130.
L. List of Members: For a complete list of the NNYLN's members, please see: membership-directory


2.1 System Board/System Council Appointment/Election - Indicate whether the System Board/System E-System Council Members are elected Council Members are appointed or elected (select one).
2.2 Indicate by whom the System Board/System Council Members are Elected by Member Libraries appointed/elected. 

Advisory Groups
2.4 Advisory Groups - Indicate the groups that advise the System Board/System Council. (check all that apply):
d. Regional Automation Committee Yes
e. Hospital Library Services Program Yes
f. Coordinated Collection Development Committee Yes
g. Other (specify using the State note) Yes

Section 3 - PLANNING 

Needs Assessment and Development of the Plan
3.1 Provide a summary describing the process used to assess needs in the development of the Plan of Service. 

Comprehensive information concerning the quality and importance of Network programs and services as they relate to members' needs was gathered through written survey instruments sent to all staff members of every Network member library. This survey was supplemented by a second survey that focused on the Network members' professional development related needs. Survey findings were further refined, developed, and related to members' needs through the use of member library director focus groups. 

3.2 Identify the groups involved in development of the Plan of Service and each group's role.

Every Network member was given the opportunity to be involved in the planning process. All members were solicited for an assessment of Network programs and services, and were also asked for areas where the Network could enhance services. Network committee meetings featured discussion of the Plan of Service so committee input to occur. Specialized focus groups were designed and implemented for member library directors. A draft Plan of Service was made available to every Network member and a comment period was provided for further input.

Approval of the Plan
3.6 Describe the process for approval of the Plan of Service. School library systems must include the Council's role in the approval.

Subsequent to the Member Comment Period, the NNYLN Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the Plan of Service by recorded vote at its April 7, 2011 meeting.

3.7 Describe the information to be collected in order to evaluate and determine members' satisfaction with the system's services.

The Network will continue to assess member satisfaction through the use of its traditional biennial survey of member satisfaction with Network products and services. This will be supplemented with assessments as Continuing Education events and committee meetings, and through informal communications between Network members and Network staff.

3.8 OPTIONAL - Provide the URL of the related evaluation form(s).

3.9 OPTIONAL - Provide the URL of the results of the evalutation by members.

3.10 Describe how the information on customer satisfaction will be used to shape the system's plan in the next year or in the following planning cycle.

The NNYLN will attempt to sustain and enhance programs that members find satisfactory.

Revision Process
3.11 Describe the process for revising the system's Plan of Service for submission to the New York State Education Department/New York State Library.

All formal amendments to this Plan of Service will be congruent with published State of Education Department guidelines for amending and revising Plans of Service.

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