Library Assistants Committee

Library Assistants Committee
The Northern New York Library Network sponsors an advisory committee composed of library assistants from a number of its member libraries. Its charge under the Network’s plan of service is to provide opportunities for education, communication and staff development for support staff in area libraries. In fulfilling this charge, the Library Assistants’ Committee has planned an average of two conferences a year, and sponsored an award program for student workers. The members of the Library Assistants’ Committee endeavor always to "Create an environment in which the creativity, diligence and professionalism of Library Assistants are recognized and encouraged to flourish." 

Library Assistant
The term "Library Assistant" can mean many things. Depending on the workplace, a library assistant may mean a person who provides support in technology, office management or specific library skills such as circulation, interlibrary loan, children’s services, and many more. The job title varies widely as well, and may be "Assistant," "Technician," "Library Clerk," or "Office Assistant," just to name a few. What library assistants have in common however, is that they are employees who perform functions and fill positions that are integral to each library and to that library’s goal of providing the service and programming that its’ clients need. 

The Committee

Dawn Bartow, Potsdam Public Library 
Amanda Jones, Canton Free Library 
Sue Lefebvre, Champlain Valley Educational Services SLS
Sam McBroom, Canton Free Library

Janet Moore, Potsdam Public Library
Bonnie Oemcke, Clarkson University
Barbara Osgood, Clarkson University 
Xantippe VanArsdale, Potsdam Public Library 
Patricia Wiley, Saranac Lake Free Library

More Information 
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Contact information: 
To ask questions, be placed on a mailing list, or request more information: 
Write to: Northern New York Library Network, Library Assistants Committee, 6721 U.S. Highway 11, Potsdam, NY 13676 
Call: 1-315-265-1119.
Email: John Hammond