Archival Assistance

Availability of Advisory and Technical Assistance for Special Collections, Archives, and Historical Documents Repositories in Northern New York 

The Northern New York Library Network,  with funding from the New York State  Archives and Records Administration's Documentary Heritage Program, is continuing to accept applications for advisory and technical  assistance for special collections, archives, and historical documents repositories. Organizations that wish to apply for services must meet the following criteria:  their  collections must be publicly accessible, they must be willing to report on their projects both in writing and at DHP Regional Roundtables, and they must be located in one of the  following counties: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego. Organizations may submit one application per calendar year. Applications do not require a cost share; however, applications that demonstrate institutional commitment to following  up on consultants' recommendations will be given priority. 

Program Priorities: Advisory and technical assistance are available for two types of projects: 

  1. Basic Archival Management: These projects typically entail on site advisory services in the support of improvements in basic archival management, including general archival surveys, arrangement and description of archival materials, creation of finding aids, and archival security. Organizations applying for consultative support in one of  these areas should be prepared to seriously consider following up on consultant's recommendations with actions to improve the quality of service available to users.

  2. Archival Technology and Automation:  These projects typically entail technical  assistance such as electronic cataloging of MARC records, automation of previously existing finding aids, digitization of text for access via the Internet, scanning of images for electronic access, and assistance in the use of  hardware and software to support archival collections.  Organizations applying for assistance in this area should be prepared to follow up by making actual holdings physically available for conversion and possible publication on the world wide web.   

Organizations that wish to apply for consultative services through the Northern New York  Library Network Documentary Heritage Program should complete the attached application and send it to Documentary Heritage Program, Northern New York Library Network, 6721 U.S. HWY 11, Potsdam,  NY 13676.Applications will be evaluated as they are received, and approved consultative services  will be scheduled and provided throughout the year. 

Note: The following  projects are not eligible for consultative services: microfilming, preservation surveys, creation of oral history tapes or transcriptions, and  non-document related projects such as the cataloging of  artifacts, etc.